DMS talks about insight driving the future of content development with FEED Magazine

Head of Social Media Insights Anna Zaikina spoke to FEED Magazine about how data can be used by content providers to create relevant services that are desired by viewers. In the Q&A, Anna highlights the value of insight in the information-rich world.

Asked about the best methods for data collection, Anna points out the importance of using a wide variety of properties and sources. She says: “To make the most of the data analysis, it’s important to monitor audience behaviour and characteristics across owned, earned and paid-for content.”

Having the data collected, it’s then time to decide what are the relevant metrics to consider when analysing data in a video business. According to Anna these are “play, view-through and viewing retention rates, including frequency of viewing as well as subscriber retention where applicable.” However, Anna emphasises the significance of different metrics will depend on various aspects of the analysis. Most importantly, KPIs need to be established and understood first in order to know what the desired response is.

Following the growing industry interest in machine learning, FEED was also looking for answers on how it can be used to collect and manage data about viewers. Anna believes that algorithms have the advantage over humans of being able to collect data faster and more reliably. Using AI can bring benefits such as “standardising multiple data sets and combining them into one, as well as finding anomalies and patterns within them,” adds Anna.

What are Anna’s predictions regarding the relationship between content provider and viewer for 10 years from now? “The relationship will be more stratified than before, with viewer behaviour becoming more complex.”

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This is not the first time DMS spoke to FEED. In case you missed the previous article, check out the blog summary featuring Director of Client Services Michael Petch discussing the powerful influence of the subtitling revolution – read it here.

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