Having pioneered the digital distribution of marketing assets with PANTHER ONLINE ® in 2009, DMS has constantly refined and updated its digital asset management system to remain a market leader in the field.

The key to success of the PANTHER ONLINE ® DAM solution is the powerful flexibility and customisation options that we have constantly refined utilising years of experience and feedback. The system is also built with usability in mind, allowing both new and experienced users to get the content they need quickly and effectively.

With PANTHER ONLINE ® 5.0 releasing, the ability to present, control, store and distribute creative content has never been easier. 




PANTHER ONLINE ® is the UK’s leading publicity portal for distributing feature film promotional content. Secure and trusted by all the major and independent movie studios in the UK, access to the system is controlled via password protected logins.

Watermarked previews present the latest approved trailers, clips, stills, artwork, interviews and premiere footage and access to downloadable files is granted to approved broadcasters

Operating 24 hours a day, the PANTHER ONLINE ® team announces the latest approved content via mail-outs to thousands of UK broadcast, print, radio and online outlets and they also liaise with publicity teams for timed access to exclusive embargoed content.

The multi-language system is also used to distribute localised assets to our international database.

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Security is the key when sharing pre-release content and DMS’ PANTHER SECURE STREAMING (PSS) system allows feature-length content to be safely screened across multiple online devices with confidence.

We help you take control of when your content is viewed and how, thanks to our fully customisable burnt-in user-watermarks, IP-lock settings and flexible timeframe options, all combining to ensure the integrity and security of your content.

Presented alongside press collateral, artwork and production notes, content can be securely screened to journalists worldwide for review purposes and for voters consideration during awards season.

And our pioneering new instantaneous individual watermarking player uniquely burns in secure bespoke personalised watermarks for each user with full choice across size, colour, position and content of the unique watermark required.

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DMS delivers a full range of localisation services for the adaptation of marketing collateral for markets across the globe, utilising our agency network in Los Angeles, Sydney, Toronto and London and centrally managed through our PANTHER ONLINE ® asset management and distribution platform.

Panther Localisation acts as a central hub for all localisation activity, allowing for review of new creative content and the placing of localisation orders directly within the platform. Review and feedback of localised assets also takes place within the system, with final delivery to broadcast partners or end users completing the full lifecycle of localised content within Panther.

Both active and historic campaigns are all live within the platform and watermarking, cloud-encryption and timed-management of embargoed content allow for a secure environment for pre-release content.

With a new version of the system launching in the Summer of 2021 delivering dashboard campaign management, action notifications, a creative section for collaboration and feedback of early stage WIP and a new automated system for the creation and delivery of subtitles, Panther Localisation continues to be an essential tool at the heart of our localisation ecosystem.

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Our global media monitoring and evaluation service fuelled by the HAWK ONLINE ® platform assesses impact, reach, effectiveness and sentiment across all offline and online media channels.

The HAWK ONLINE ® platform enables clients to access electronic summaries and real-time updates, video and audio playback of coverage and bespoke intuitive reporting features, including competitor tracking and benchmarking.

Clients are also able to utilise an optional sentiment analysis widget, providing real-time analysis of earned media coverage with the ability to quickly identify positive, negative and neutral coverage across all media types.

The team provides both quantitative and qualitative insights alongside sentiment analysis to help enhance and support media campaigns, enabling clients to understand campaign effectiveness and brand health in real time.

Our Media Intelligence service covers all markets across the globe on a continuous and daily basis and hawk daily snapshots and reports are viewable on all handheld devices across multiple operating systems, including IOS, Android and Windows.

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