DMS talks to Euromedia about TV in the digital age

The latest issue of Euromedia looks at whether social media is a competitor or complement to broadcasting and features input from DMS’ head of social media insights, Anna Zaikina. In the article Social media and TV: Frenemies?, Anna discusses the growing impact of social media on contemporary TV watching, the power of engagement, cherry-picking platforms and the different threats to traditional broadcasting.

Within the article, which appears in the May/June issue of the magazine, Anna argues that television is being redefined not only by the changing needs of the audience but also by their overall behaviours and lifestyle. This is because the consumer now has the power to dictate where, when and how they want to watch TV and the success would be in ensuring that the right content is there when sought.

Anna talks about how social media platforms have clearly been working towards meeting multiple user requirements, saying “Instagram is a good example of that as it has launched Instagram stories and IGTV to allow for various lengths and audiences to consume video content via different features while keeping them on the platform.”

She also highlights how the growing popularity of social media has resulted in the emergence of new advertising models being a threat to broadcasters’ advertising income. This is because TV viewership does not allow for as in-depth analysis of the audience’s characteristics and content’s effectiveness as shared channels do. The promotional messages in digital environments can be personalised and consequently make “social media ads both seamless and relevant to the consumer while potentially delivering higher effectiveness at lower costs for the advertised brands,” adds Anna.

Social media is playing a hugely influential role in content production, delivery and media consumption. Content producers are using data and insights from social media to dictate marketing campaigns, promotional content and making content more interactive across digital, broadcast and social channels. DMS work with a range of brands and content producers delivering social media insights and creative promotional assets – contact Anna Zaikina for more info.

Euromedia magazine is a key source of information and analysis on the latest trends in technology and business models for broadcasters, service providers, network operators and content producers.

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