International Women’s Day 2022

Today provides an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements in the workplace and beyond. We are incredibly proud to have such an array of strong, talented and driven women across our workforce. 

We want to use today to forge inclusive work cultures where women’s careers thrive and their achievements are celebrated, ranging from personal achievements to supporting a wide variety of teams.

Ranging from our Creative Director Alba, who embraces and demonstrates the DMS values in everything she does and deservedly has a place on the Senior Leadership Team with a strong voice and creative ideas that impact the strategy of the agency. Further, she is a strong advocate for female talent and has a 60/40 gender balance in her department of female to male. Or Trellun, who is making great progress in taking her department to the next level, through the recent introduction of the initiative to reduce QC workflows, there are many fantastic women across our workforce. 

This week also sees our continual commitment to building inclusive incentives with the launch of The DMS: Diversity and Minority Society. This is an open-minded and safe space for our talented colleagues to share their voice. At DMS we believe it’s the people that make us who we are, therefore we are passionate to highlight and support the Diversity and Minorities within our company to become a better, more understanding, and inclusive agency.

Ensuring our staff are looked after and feel heard, is the main aim of The DMS Society, but we also hope to educate and bring awareness to various cultures, abilities, genders, sexual orientations and demographics. The more we open up and trust each other as fellow humans, the better quality of employment we provide.

We are driven to convey our integrity through this society by letting our colleges make it their own. The more ownership we take the better quality we will provide and create something to be proud of. The DMS: Diversity and Minority Society, for everybody.

Happy International Women’s Day to all and forging a greater workplace that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

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