New individual video watermarking technology rollout begins

Over the last year we have seen COVID transform the British film industry and the awards season has been no different.

With limited access to cinemas there has naturally been an increased focus on being able to stream high-definition video assets securely online.  Prestigious industry awards such as BAFTA have had to think of new ways to ensure that the amazing films nominated are able to be shared safely and securely with their members.

Therefore, at DMS we have developed an innovative new streaming process offering maximum security that is individually tailored for each and every viewer. Our pioneering new individual watermarking player uniquely burns in secure bespoke personalised watermarks for each user. Crucially, this burn in happens instantaneously and has multiple choices when it comes to the size, colour position and content of the unique watermark required.

Michael Petch, Head of Client Services at DMS, said: “Our goal on this project was to create a system that could create unique burnt in watermarks on streaming video for each and every user in real-time. Our development team have really delivered on this project, helping us to offer a fast and secure option for our clients. The technological advancements have really blown us away and gone beyond what we envisioned”. 

This feature us now fully integrated with the BAFTA viewing platform and ready to accept titles for the BAFTA awards season 2021. 

If you are interested in the secure sharing of content, whether that’s simultaneous streaming to 10 users or 10,000, this new individual burnt in watermarked option from DMS is exactly what you need.

For BAFTA hosting or any other enquiries please contact us at where we are excited to help and are looking forward to a great awards season in 2021.

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