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Profusion – ‘Where do I begin?’

Teaming up with South London based label ‘First Word Records’, DMS produced a promo for Profusion’s debut single ‘Where do I begin?’ A dreamy slice of R&B tinged nu-soul, the collaboration features DJ/producer K15 on backing track and the multi-talented Emeson on vocal duties.

Taking inspiration from the track’s title, the narrative sees Emeson go on a journey that repeatedly loops back on itself. Crossing paths with past and future versions of himself in a confusing, repeating environment, always wondering where did he begin?

Shot in the estates of London Bridge & Bermondsey, locations were carefully chosen to make sure we see multiple versions of our protagonist in shot as timelines weave in and out of each other while he struggles to navigate his way out of the surreal, urban landscape. The opening and closing shots see him leaving and returning to the same spot, the whole video can be played continuously on a loop.

To make sure the visuals were as luscious as the music we hired in Red’s ‘Epic’ camera to shoot in stunning, pin-sharp 4K whilst post production was handled by our talented in-house team.


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