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Today we look back on a project that saw us collaborating closely with ATG, who we are proud to call the world leaders in theatre ticketing. 

Following the success of the promotional content DMS created for the ATG’s musical, Moulin Rouge, this time, the focus shifted to spotlighting an extraordinary evening at The Apollo Theatre, highlighting the front-row seats for the acclaimed show, Wicked. 

The objective was to create a promotional video for paid social, which would target young audiences, specifically Gen Z and Millennials, seeking a fun night out. We aimed to demonstrate that front-row seats at Wicked offer the ultimate way to spend an evening with friends. This entailed showcasing the  allure of The Apollo Theatre in its Art Deco glory, while highlighting the vibrant atmosphere of the bars, snack stores, and the sheer entertainment value of the show itself. 

Set to illustrate the genuine experience of a group of friends, we employed a two-camera setup, consisting of a roaming Steadicam to capture dynamic action and a handheld B-Cam to capture additional aspects of the narrative. This way the crew optimised their coverage within a compact schedule, making the most of the allotted time they had inside the theatre before the curtain call. 

Working with non actors for the leading roles and creating the illusion of a full audience within the 650-seat auditorium were some of the creative challenges our experienced team handled masterfully.  

Once our in-house edit team built the narrative of the piece, the final post-production touches were completed by our audio department, colourist and motion graphics designers. Making sure the tone and look and feel of the piece was aligned with the Wicked brand was a paramount consideration through the post-production process. 

The final video was then reformatted and optimised for various social channels, ready to be distributed for paid social where the content proved to be a ‘Wicked’ success! 

This project serves as a testament to the adaptability of our production team, who demonstrated a great ability to work speedily under a tight filming schedule and find creative solutions to any given brief and logistic constrains.  

Don’t miss our behind-the-scenes video and hear first-hand from the DMS and ATG teams involved. 

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