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DMS Culture Week

Today, Thursday 7th October, marks the start of DMS Culture Week, a week-long celebration launched to highlight the important role culture plays across our workplace. Throughout the course of the next week, our people and our core values will be at the centre of everything we reflect on, practice, and celebrate at Shand Street.

Across the last 18 months, as an agency, we have managed to stay together in such uncertain times. The world has tested our resilience, creativity, and ability to work together in person. Yet, even in such times, we have still managed to still grow in harsh conditions and the past few months has given us all confidence moving forward to develop even further in the industry. 

Over the next week, we will be reflecting on the agency, which is built on four core values: trust, integrity, passion, and drive. These core aspects are at the heart of everything we do. Each value is found in the way we go about our jobs, deliver work to clients, interact with each other daily and, ultimately, in the way we grow and evolve together. It’s up to all of us within the agency to uphold and embody these values in everything we do.

DMS has been built by our people. They are the ones who make DMS such a special place to work. We trust our people to do the right thing and to feel empowered and confident in everything they do. This week is nothing without our people and their sheer love of the film industry, which has made the return of our culture so key. 

Our newly re-assembled social committee has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure the week is filled with events that reward staff for their contribution, specifically throughout such difficult times. The team has created opportunities for new colleagues to meet and greet each other in a relaxed social environment. Events are essential to our community as they instill a culture of team-work and shared purpose, promote employee wellbeing, and nurture a work-life balance across all our teams.

Ranging from celebrations to cherishing wellness, the week will be filled with varied activities for our people to relish and come together.

Over the past few weeks, it has been thrilling to see our people return to Shand Street and our workplace is a fundamental part of our onboarding.

DMS is an agency that is built on our people. They are the ones that make it such a special place to work and this week is for them.

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