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AKA – Orlando

DMS Creative Services team supported AKA on the campaign for the launch of the new play, Orlando, the radical modern classic based on the novel by Virginia Woolf, in which Emma Corrin takes on the gender-swapping title role.

The campaign launched with a teaser video, featuring a rousing monologue from Corrin that introduces the concept of the century-spanning narrative of the play. To achieve this, the editors cut the footage and audio, whilst the motion graphics team worked to create a captivating projection-style effect, with imagery that teases at some of the main themes. The motion designers also animated the play’s key artwork for the end card, as well as multiple outputs, including animated social assets for Instagram. 

We then had the fantastic opportunity to work alongside Director, Michael Grandage, to film and edit the show’s trailer. Our production crew headed to The Garrick Theatre where they worked with Grandage to direct the cast for the cameras, rather than the usual live audience, to showcase the most enchanting scenes from the play. The creative team crafted the footage and graphics to produce the final trailer, which was shared across multiple social channels, including by Emma Corrin themselves, where it received 16k likes (and counting)!

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