DMS delivers social monitoring masterclass at NetBase Live

DMS’ Head of Social Media Insights Anna Zaikina was invited to speak at the NetBase Live European conference in May about the best practices in social media analytics.

NetBase’s third annual conference featured some of the sharpest minds in social intelligence with a wide range of key notes and presentations packed with social media insights, customer success stories, and the latest product innovations from thought leaders and professional marketers.

Encapsulating DMS’ services, Anna discussed how social listening and campaign performance tracking can inform content inspiration and strategy while also feeding into measuring business goals.

As the vast growth in the volume of social media platforms has offered new opportunities for marketers to target potential customers, it has also created many obstacles. One of the main challenges in successfully formulating a campaign strategy is utilising the data already available. In her presentation, Anna suggested a social data strategy model and covered three steps to success:


The use of analytics is paramount in shaping strategy. Marketers need to understand what their own audience and data is telling them. Observing metrics such as volume, sentiment and themes in the conversation along with gender, age, interests and bio terms reveals and interprets what is being said and by who.


By identifying unique audience attributes and overlaying them with topic analysis marketers can begin to understand their market or customer base. Capturing these key metrics inspires the creation of content to engage the target audience and influence conversation.


Set business goals to develop goal-driven KPI’s and benchmarks to implement a workflow of on-going reporting and feed data powered insights back into social activity. When formulating a KPI framework consider campaign goals – are you looking to create awareness, engagement or set sales conversions? Go beyond social campaigns and define metrics that are tied to what success means for your business overall.

Incorporating benchmarking, whether based on historical owned channel performance or competitor data, helps to put numbers into relevant context while providing further insight into current trends and helps set realistic goals.

DMS’ impressive expertise and range of media and social monitoring services are being continually used by international film and TV studios, and sports and lifestyle clients to show the real reach of publicity and marketing campaigns – helping clients create bespoke conversations and accurately formulate brand strategy.

If you want to find out more about these services, contact us now and we’ll be happy to talk about building your audience insights.

Anna Zaikina, Head of Social Media Insights

29th May 2018

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