At DMS, we’re always striving to elevate our services in the creative field and we pride ourselves in offering our clients the finest creative ideas, executed in striking and contemporary ways.

That’s why our Creative Services team is thrilled to announce a major upgrade: we’re saying goodbye to our Canon camera range and welcoming the highly anticipated, brand-new Sony Burano!

With just a couple of months on the market – yes, that’s how new they are – and widespread acclaim, our two Sony Burano cinema cameras are here to steal the show. This new acquisition is particularly exciting, not only because it will help us capture beautiful cinematic imagery for our clients, but also because it will ensure we remain at the pinnacle of our craft, futureproofing our production output for years to come.

And that’s not all – this year we’ve also invested in top-of-the-range lenses, lighting kit and camera accessories that will instantly elevate the picture quality and versatility of our shoots. Wondering how exactly? Read on!

Bring on the 8K resolution, because every detail matters.

One of our favourite features of the Sony Burano is its 8K picture quality. This high resolution allows us to capture incredibly detailed images, providing the flexibility to zoom in without losing clarity. This is particularly beneficial for fast-paced environments like sports and theatre content, but also for any cinematic piece of content where every detail matters. Working with 8K footage also allows us to punch in talent or resize content without needing additional cameras, giving us more creative freedom and efficiency in post-production.

Low light conditions? Not a problem.

The Sony Burano also stands out with its ability to capture stunning visuals in any lighting condition. Its exceptional low-light performance means we can shoot in dimly lit environments, like theatre interiors and late-night red carpets, without compromising on image quality. This means we can deliver breathtaking footage, no matter the lighting!

Let us indulge in mesmerising slow motion

The Burano’s high frame rate capabilities allow us to capture smooth, hypnotic slow-motion footage. Whether it’s a dynamic athlete on the field, a dancer performing on stage or a film star posing elegantly on the red carpet, we can underscore these moments with vivid precision.

Our Shooting Producer, James Dean, shared his excitement about our new cameras: “The Sony Burano range is a dreamy addition to any filmmaker’s production kit. Since I’ve started putting our new cameras to the test, I’ve been immediately impressed with the picture quality and can see how they will perform brilliantly when we’ll need to capture more complex and dynamic visuals. This investment will also help us stay ahead of the curve, given this is such a recent launch from Sony… and we all know Sony cameras are a synonym for first-class quality and they are widely renowned for the cinema range.”

Doubling down on cinematic quality

To enhance our creative potential, we are pairing our Sony Burano cameras with no other than the Cooke SP3 lenses. Known for their beautiful focus and smooth bokeh, these lenses allow us to create cinematic shots with high resolution and striking detail. Their versatility makes them ideal for various shooting needs, from close-ups to wide-angle shots.

Nimble and dynamic solutions

Because sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles but just a discrete and nimble camera that still delivers great picture quality on the move… our Sony FX3 remains a stolid staple in our production kit. This compact and lightweight camera is perfect for solo filming and dynamic shoots, specially when paired with our brand-new gimbal, which provides stability and flexibility in challenging environments. This combo is a great solution for social content capture, documentary pieces and live events where our crew need to be agile and film footage smoothly on the go.

Lighting the Way

To complete our kit upgrade, we’ve included the Aperture 600x Pro. This professional-grade light offers a wide colour range and high output, ensuring our scenes are perfectly lit. Whether it’s a controlled studio setup or a spontaneous outdoor shoot, this light gives us the flexibility to create the perfect ambiance for each situation.

So, whether we’re preparing for a long-lead promo, a junket shoot, or covering an event that demands agility and speed, our upgraded kit gives us complete confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional results swiftly and beautifully.

Our Creative Director, Mark Mathews, voiced his enthusiasm and we couldn’t agree more: “As a team dedicated to creative excellence in all forms of content creation, having the right tools is essential for delivering outstanding results to our clients. This upgrade reaffirms that DMS is the go-to choice for exceptional content and we can’t wait to work with our clients on our next cinematic creation!”

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