DMS welcomes new faces to its growing multinational workforce

Since January 1st 2019, DMS has welcomed 45 new starters through its doors. These new additions to the team, along with the successful establishment of offices in Sydney and Los Angeles within the last year, mean that DMS has a 150 strong and growing, multinational workforce.

In a recent internal survey, DMS learned that its current staff herald from 25 different countries from around the world. All bringing different skill sets, languages, perspectives and interests into our daily work as well as internal culture and echoing the agency’s ever expanding and internationally facing services.

Within our localisation department, DMS localises and delivers digital content to approximately 60 countries in over 45 languages. As part of our media intelligence services, we also monitor a range of media across 40 different countries in over 30 languages for our global clients. Our multinational team are therefore essential in providing seamless, precise and nuanced skills in language and cultural translation. Without these skills, DMS simply could not deliver these services to the same high standard.

With diverse cultural backgrounds comes a raft of unique and varied perspectives and expertise. This well of experience within our team leads to an inevitable and highly valuable recipe for creativity and innovation across the agency. Furthermore, we value the undeniable benefits that our eclectic community brings to our culture here, particularly the constant supply of post-holiday treats in the kitchen every week! From poets to photographers, musicians to cricket fanatics, the DMS team are an interesting bunch to say the least; making DMS an incredibly interesting and vibrant community to be a part of.

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