DMS Launches Talent Cloud

This month has seen us launch Talent Cloud – our new Talent Management system to allow our staff and managers to monitor, update and manage objectives and personal development.

We want our staff to be the best that they can be and continually strive for development and progression – for their own personal growth, for the benefit of DMS and ultimately our clients. We’ve moved away from the more traditional approach to annual appraisals as we believe in regular check-ins, short-sprint targets and ongoing consistent mentoring. A more organic approach to managing the development of our people across the company.

As part of this we ensure that we commit to our values and hold ourselves to account against the four key pillars of our ethos:
Trust is reflected in personal development – In the past year, we invested heavily in our people and will continue to build on this great work. DMS is nothing without its highly talented teams and we want to build further trust by providing them with even more tools to deliver and progress, building a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with each other.

Integrity is shown in our ongoing business stability –We’ve just weathered the biggest storm that we hope we’ll ever have to in our lifetime and now that we have taken the time to go through a period of reflection, review and resetting, we can now continue to grow and move forward in a more strategic, structured and stable way, ensuring we continue to live our value of having integrity in everything we do.

Passion is reflected in our culture – We want to continue to evolve our passion for being an inclusive and diverse place to work, driven by our leaders and The DMS Society. We want to continue to be a safe, supportive and fun place to work.

Finally, our Drive is reflected in engagement with our people. We want to be the best at everything we do and we will be enhancing our engagement and talent initiatives to deliver on our promises. As our values state, we encourage new ideas, learning and development of new ways of thinking as we commit to making this agency the best in our field.

We are dedicated to developing our staff across their journey with us and the launch of Talent Cloud helps us improve our offering and support of the team whilst ultimately striving to deliver an even better service to our clients as a result of this.

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