Introducing Panther Secure Streaming

A new secure streaming system is now here.

Taking the premise and core functionality of Shark player, DMS has revamped and refined it in order to meet the burgeoning demands of delivering longform secure streaming to the entertainment industry.

Welcome to Panther Secure Streaming.


Advanced streaming technology and site development allows Panther Secure Streaming to offer both Standard and High Definition streaming options. But it’s not just the video capability that we’ve changed.

Security of your pre-release content has always been our absolute priority and Panther Secure Streaming now offers full customization of its burnt-in watermarking capabilities, allowing greater flexibility around multi-user or single delivery requests to Directors or Talent.

A variety of IP-lock options allows greater flexibility of viewing management rights whilst ensuring the integrity and security of your content.

Full studio-branded re-skinning is also available and customizable.


And its not just AV content that Panther Secure Streaming can handle. Production notes and poster artwork can also be uploaded and viewed along with relevant metadata making it the natural secure home for all pre-release content.


Advanced streaming technology and site development allows Panther Secure Streaming to sit alongside our existing Panther Online system to provide more integrated functionality and an easier and more intuitive user experience.


Panther Secure Streaming offers multi-device viewing as its compatibility with IOS now allows seamless viewing not only across PC and Mac desktop systems but also now on all Apple devices including IPad and Iphone.


Panther Secure Streaming provides an efficient, advanced and highly secure way of delivering digital content and is here now. For more information on what it can do for you.

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