Brands are turning to Hollywood for the latest advertising trend

Over the past week we have been busy attending various digital marketing conferences and speaking to some very knowledgeable industry peers and one thing has become clear, brands around the world are becoming more and more inspired by Hollywood.

Film is becoming a clear tactic used by brands across multiple industries to promote their new products and services. Take for example Ted Baker’s latest short film, Mission Impeccable directed by Guy Ritchie, or NBC’s Ted Lasso film to promote the British Premier League now on NBC from August 17th, which has also been deconstructed into shorter bite-size videos.

There is a clear move towards brand using long-form content to tell their story and despite the shorter attention spans of users online, capturing the attention of customers with longer videos. We are reaching a tipping point.

And this week the latest announcement coming from PR Week and Campaign launching the Brand Film Festival, London to showcase brand storytelling is a further indication of things to come.

So what do brands that are looking to implement film as their form of advertising keep in mind?

Here are three tips from us:

  • Taken from industry peers, Brooklyn Brothers, brands should focus on culture, not just their category. In order words use what is happening around you, and is relevant to your audience to make the content of your short film relevant, captivating and exciting.
  • Focus on generating an emotion with your brand
  • Use data to identify the interests of your audience, i.e. use data to identify which cultural events your customers are most likely to be interested in. Once you identify this you have the beginning of your film’s subject

Best of all, this is an opportunity for brands to show more personality, break boundaries and enter a new realm of advertising previously only open to a select few industries. We look forward to seeing what new content is to come.

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