Our services

Full Service Agency

DMS has a unique agency set-up allowing us to deliver a 360° service tailored to our client needs, all under one roof. We create and edit content, then proactively place and distribute it with broadcast and online outlets as well as social channels and then monitor its reach and value across traditional and social media in the UK and internationally.

We have specialist departments and teams providing each of these services but always maintain a holistic approach to the overall offering.

Media Intelligence

Our global media monitoring and evaluation service fuelled by the HAWK ONLINE ® platform assesses impact, reach, effectiveness and sentiment across all offline and online media channels.

DMS is the largest provider of media monitoring and evaluation services to the entertainment sector worldwide, supported by both UK and international teams. This service provision includes extensive monitoring and reporting across print, broadcast, editorial online and social channels, as well as invaluable analysis and reporting.

Via the HAWK ONLINE ® platform clients can access electronic summaries and real-time updates, video and audio playback of coverage and bespoke intuitive reporting features, including competitor tracking and benchmarking. Clients are also able to utilise an optional sentiment analysis widget, providing real-time analysis of earned media coverage with the ability to quickly identify positive, negative and neutral coverage across all media types. 

The team provides both quantitative and qualitative insights alongside sentiment analysis to help enhance and support media campaigns, enabling clients to understand campaign effectiveness and brand health in real time.

Our Media Intelligence service covers all markets across the globe on a continuous and daily basis.