Our services

Full Service Agency

DMS has a unique agency set-up allowing us to deliver a 360° service tailored to our client needs, all under one roof. We create and edit content, then proactively place and distribute it with broadcast and online outlets as well as social channels and then monitor its reach and value across traditional and social media in the UK and internationally.

We have specialist departments and teams providing each of these services but always maintain a holistic approach to the overall offering.

Social Media Insights & Analysis

Our Social Media Listening service offers clients an opportunity to gain a deeper level of understanding of what is being said about their brand, product or service, and competitors providing access to a level of data that can help guide strategic and marketing decisions.

Our social media insight reports cut straight to the core of what your audience is saying – to know who is talking about you, how you are perceived, what instigates conversations and much more.

Social insights reports can be used to monitor current campaign activity, shape strategic decisions, and future campaign planning, improve customer service and help with crisis management.

Highlights of our listening service include identification of online influencers, Twitter audience access, emoji recognition and integration with our traditional monitoring services when looking to measure PR success of campaigns.