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In late 2023, DMS joined forces with AKA and the team behind the acclaimed musical “Standing at the Sky’s Edge” for its upcoming move to the West End. Tasked with capturing the essence of two standout songs, ‘Open Up Your Door’ and ‘Midnight Train’, our Creative Services team worked to deliver two distinctive acoustic performances. Due to the limited availability of the show’s cast outside of show hours, our production team were challenged to film both music videos in a single day and location.

From ideation to execution, the team spared no effort in bringing the project to life. With meticulous planning, they found the perfect location in a West London warehouse, allowing for two distinct and captivating performances.

Ensuring the creative direction of these pieces harmonised with the tone and themes of the show and the selected songs was essential. “Open Up Your Door” embodies themes of hope, love, and shelter, which were mirrored in the production. A solitary, warm spotlight enveloped the singer, casting her as a beacon amidst darkness, symbolising hope within a challenging world.

“Midnight Train” delves into themes of yearning, the desire for freedom, and feeling trapped. To echo these sentiments, our performance unfolded against the backdrop of a cityscape visible through a foggy window. The obscured cityscape, though discernible, mirrored the protagonist’s struggle in the play—a poignant portrayal of the urge to break free yet being hindered. The gritty aesthetics of the buildings, characterised by exposed brick and industrial angles, resonates with the working-class essence of the characters. This feeling was further enriched by juxtaposing the tender acoustic rendition of the song with the harsh urban backdrop, creating a compelling visual and emotional contrast.

In December’s crisp morning, Samuel Jordan and Lauryn Redding delivered raw, heartfelt renditions of the songs, expertly captured by the crew.

After the shoot, the project was entrusted to DMS in-house post-production team, who skilfully breathed life into the footage, creating a mesmerising spectacle for social audiences eagerly awaiting the show’s West End debut.

We created multiple social versions to cater for all of the SATSE platforms, both for the full-length versions as well as cut-downs of these pieces. In addition, we made subtitled versions as well to increase accessibility.

The work didn’t stop there, with DMS’s motion graphics team animating the show poster and bringing it to life. This animation served as not only a separate piece in its own right, but also as an end card to both music videos and the perfect finishing touch to them both.

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