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Rye Lane – World Premiere

We had the honour of supporting the UK premiere of Searchlight’s British romantic comedy-drama, Rye Lane.

On the 17th of March we had the honour of supporting Searchlight’s UK premiere of Rye Lane, a British romantic comedy-drama directed by Raine Allen-Miller in her feature directorial debut.

Set in the South London areas of Peckham and Brixton, the film is titled after the real-life Rye Lane. It stars David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah as two strangers who have a chance encounter, after having both been through recent breakups, and spend the day getting to know each other.

The evening in the capital saw the director, producer and lead cast of the film attend the screening at Peckham Multiplex, for the cinema’s first ever premiere. Throughout their arrival, our crew captured the talent’s immediate reactions and expectations for the night ahead, as well as b-roll of the most iconic interactions with fans and other talent. The footage provided a first-hand overview of the most magical moments and testimonials during that evening, which was then quickly processed by our post-production team and distributed to approved publicity outlets.

The film has been described as one of the best 5 movies to watch in March by The Independent, and we couldn’t agree more!

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