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NBA Playoffs

Experience the Playoffs the right way, with Playoff Mode!

The annual NBA Playoffs were in full swing this season, with the NBA’s newest campaign: Playoff Mode. Our creative services team were set the task to initiate original ideas regarding the tagline, and execute social concepts to get everyone on social media hyped for the Playoffs. The NBA informed DMS of the Playoff Mode header, and within our team we generated the plan of a video game styled prospect; in which we’d have several strands within this ideation. We produced a 30 second hype video which takes the audience on a journey from a video game menu, into Playoff Mode, and then onto the court seeing the best of their NBA superstars.

We also created a flicker reel which featured every Playoff team where the users screenshot the video, and randomly get selected a team for them to follow during the tournament.

Our team also produced an Explainer Video for the NBA Playoffs, informing the audiences of the format and structure of the tournament. This was executed graphically and verbally told by a French voice over artist, aiming at our target audience across the channel in France.


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