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Collaborating closely with our client KOVA PR, the DMS Creative Services team executed the complete video capture of the London premiere for Season 4 of the immensely popular series “The Chosen” in the heart of Leicester Square.  

Enthusiastic fans eagerly gathered on the carpet to watch the stars of the show walk the black carpet, and our house producers and camera ops were on hand to capture interviews with the cast from the press line as well as capture b-roll footage of just about every angle of the event imaginable. In addition to our house crew duties, our production team was instrumental in producing a live show from the carpet, hosted by Sean Fletcher, elevating the experience for fans around the world by live-streaming the event on YouTube, capturing the attention of a staggering 120,000 live viewers on the night, and a total of 254K streams to date and counting. The live show, which included interviews on the carpet with the show’s producers, cast, fans and other special guests contained custom graphic elements designed in house by our GFX team.  

Our Digital Services team capped off the night by posting the soundbites and b-roll to PANTHER ONLINE ® to be accessed and downloaded instantly by news agencies and media outlets right after the carpet. 

The following day, our Junkets team seamlessly transitioned into a three-room press junket at the Ham Yard Hotel where the cast spent the day in our beautifully dressed interview suites answering questions from journalists hailing from news outlets across Europe. Armed with 8 cameras, 18 monitors, and over 1000 meters of cable, our crew successfully facilitated the capture of well over 60+ interviews, while our team of editors worked in tandem to export the footage and deliver over 150 download links swiftly to the journalists following the junket.  

Our Media Intelligence team has been diligently monitoring the press breaks from both the premiere and the junket. Supported by both UK and international teams, our global media monitoring service, fuelled by the HAWK ONLINE ® platform, collated Print, broadcast, online and social media coverage and further analysed to provide a detailed overview of the campaign, focusing on sentiment, top themes and influential others, among other key metrics. 

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