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Deepwater Horizon Premiere

Adrenaline-Fuelled Action movie Deepwater Horizon celebrated it’s European Premiere at London’s Leicester Square, with our production team supporting Lionsgate by capturing the carpet action and producing a VNR of the event that evening.

Not only was Mark Wahlberg there as the main star of the film, but also the real-life hero Mike Williams, who Wahlberg plays, took to the carpet to promote the film’s release.

The Soundbites, B-Roll and VNR were made live on Panther Online on the night of the premiere, with key broadcast and online outlets ordering the content, including Associated Press, ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Film And TV Now, ITN, Press Association, STV News and UTV Ireland.

The Media Intelligence team also provided monitoring for the picture in the UK for Broadcast and Press on behalf of the UK team.

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