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Deadpool 2

Localising and delivering over 630 assets during the cinema marketing campaign, DMS worked with long-time client 20th Century Fox, creating localised promotional content that was ordered by its marketing teams in 34 individual countries throughout the EMEA, LATAM and APAC regions.

With the continued evolution of the media landscape, our skilled team on the project worked on assets for a range of media platforms to ensure as wide an audience as possible was reached. In what is a growing trend, 50% of our deliverables were created specifically for use online, 32% for broadcast and online, 15.85% purely for broadcast, 2% for outdoor advertising and 0.15% for cinemas.

DMS customer services personnel, technical operatives, graphics specialists, QC operators and audio mixers worked on the campaign for four months, delivering all 630 Deadpool 2 assets precisely to brief, while ensuring that they were fully compliant with country-specific rules.

PANTHER ONLINE ®, DMS’ secure streaming service hosted 670 Deadpool 2 assets for EMEA, including localised content and original voice (OV) material. Its flexibility meant it was also used as a way to view the OV material that was downloaded from the Fox Media Cloud system, as well as share previews and deliver online content.


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