Verdict magazine goes behind the scenes to explore DMS’ role in the movie marketing machine

Online publication Verdict has written an in-depth feature on the processes and challenges of film advertising. From budgeting to content delivery, Verdict journalist Jack Rear sat down with DMS’ managing director Simon Briggs, and movie marketing specialist Jonathan Sadler, to investigate the importance of creating engaging promotional content that could make or break box-office success.

The article offers a unique behind the scenes perspective on the complexities of producing carefully considered content for a target audience that evokes excitement and interest to boost box office or DVD sales and ensure a return on investment. 

Detailing DMS’ important role in the movie marketing process, Verdict highlights how social media insights, localisation and media monitoring services are key to supporting the studio’s marketing campaign to promote the feature in multiple regions as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Touching upon the recent shift in content requirements for marketing assets, Simon Briggs said: “I think a year ago, about 50% of our output was TV advertising and 50% was online and social. It’s now 75% social and online and only 25% is committed to TV advertising. We’re noticing a shift in content at our end and that’s being driven by strategy and marketing spend on the studio side.

Having worked closely with DMS for the last few years, Jonathan Sadler from Magus Marketing has vast experience in film marketing. With credits including Arrow Films, Universal and Momentum Pictures, Sadler touches upon the many considerations behind creating promotional content, saying: “Everything always goes back to the targeting and positioning of the film. If it’s a comedy you want to get two or three major laughs in there you just have to pick out key lines. You really have to decide what kind of story you want to tell in the trailer. Do you want to try to tell the story or give an essence of the film?

Read the follow up article by Verdict with DMS and Jon Sadler here: Spoilers, social media and selling: The future of the movie advertisement.

Verdict magazine covers all the latest global business issues, featuring lifestyle, tech and media with over 350,000 readers a month. You can read the full article ‘Inside the movie marketing machine’ by clicking here.

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6th August 2018

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