Five top tips to capture the ultimate red carpet video interviews

24th April 2018

Inspired by Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War premiere yesterday, our experts from Tiger Films reveal the secrets to getting the most out of your time with celebrities.

Red carpets filled with stars and surrounded by fans and paparazzi are the ultimate way to maximise exposure around events like an awards ceremony or film premiere. Celebrities always have something to say (or sell), and a punchy quote from them while they’re dressed to the nines is a sure-fire way of making it on to the news, or trending on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

But these clips don’t go viral by accident. A lot of hard work is needed by those on the other side of the camera to ensure that something newsworthy and visually interesting comes out of what’s often very limited and controlled access to a celebrity. The experts at our in-house production team, Tiger Films, spend a lot of time on red carpets, so we asked them for their top five tips on capturing the ultimate interviews at gala events.

#1 Microphone position
There’s a lot of background noise at these events, so capturing clear audio is really important. A microphone pressed against a celebrities face isn’t a great look, but you don’t want it to be too far down at waist level either. Check how it looks on screen and your audio levels before you start, as having to ask them to start again is never ideal.

#2 Framing the interview
Even on a wet and windy day, a PR person holding an umbrella over the interviewee doesn’t make for a good watch. It’s all about the celebrity you’re filming, so ensure you make them the star of the shot.

#3 Do your research
Know what the film is about and ask relevant questions to show you have understood the film’s theme and message. Engage with your subject, try not to be a robot and ask the same questions as everyone else.

#4 Keep it simple
Don’t over complicate the questions, celebrities only have a short time to talk to you, so make the most of it.

#5 Press record
This is the simplest yet most important tip, but the main job a camera operator has, is to record the interview. Always check that the red light is on before you start!

There are many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to interviewing people on red carpets, so it’s important that you’re well prepared and are supported by a crew that’s experienced in working in these kinds of environments.

Following these simple tips will help ensure that next time, the celebrity stops to talk to you again.


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