Hawk and media intelligence Goes Social

The inexorable rise of social media and it’s ever-increasing influence on film-goers and consumers has become impossible to ignore.

Indeed, last year social domains reportedly began outnumbering traditional domains for the first time.It has therefore become essential to understand and measure the effectiveness of your campaign across SM platforms, helping to plan future marketing and PR strategies.

We can now provide a full suite of analytics, which can provide invaluable insight into your film, artist or brand. Key metrics include:

  • Engagement and activity analysis across all platforms
  • Hashtag and discussion effectiveness rating
  • Evaluation of trending conversations
  • Sentiment and conversation analysis of top influencers
  • Campaign visibility and performance analysis
  • Real-time updates delivered at regular intervals throughout the evening of a premiere, event or launch

If you’d like to know more about how we can support your upcoming campaigns, drop us a line. robin.mcdonald@dmsukltd.com

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