DMS HQ welcomes colleagues from Sydney and Los Angeles

As DMS’ localisation department continues to expand its global reach, we are proud to be delivering our high-quality, 24/7 service to the North America, LATAM and APAC regions. The success of this expansion continues to be made possible by the talented and dedicated teams in our Los Angeles and Sydney offices.

This summer, we were delighted to welcome a few members of our overseas teams to our London HQ; giving us the chance to finally put faces to email addresses and to show off our shiny new home here in London Bridge.

Ryan Bush is a versioning producer down in our Sydney office and we were thrilled to be able to catch up with him, along with our L.A. based versioning producer Nicolas Raganato, in July during his second visit to London since he joined the DMS team two years ago:

“The week went really well and way too fast as most visits do. It was great spending time on the ground with people throughout the Tech/GFX/Audio/QC teams who usually are nothing more than names on an email or responders to a question (demand) from me on Slack. And of course, meeting all the CS team, most of whom are new to the company since my last visit.

The other highlight obviously was the DMS Summer Party and getting to chat and catch up with people in a more relaxed setting. After being the lone team member in the Sydney office until April, it was great to be able to finally meet and hang out with the awesome team that we have at DMS.

Couldn’t have asked for a better week on both the social and learning sides of the business. The sun even managed to peek out for a few days! Can’t wait to come back again soon.”

Last week, Samantha Machado also paid us a visit for the first time, leaving her team of versioning producers in Los Angeles and delving into the central hub of our localisation service:

“Having the privilege and opportunity to visit a completely different city that I have never been to has been amazing. One of the things I fell in love with while walking in the historic streets of London, and the DMS office, was being surrounded by different cultures and hearing different languages wherever I went. Not being too familiar with where to go, having to kind of “wing it” and having to adapt rather quickly because the city moves so fast was a fun challenge!

Everyone at DMS were so welcoming and it was great to be able to put a face to the name. Sitting with each department and seeing exactly how the process works whether in audio, GFX, tech, or even QC, was incredible. The trip went too quickly, and I didn’t want to leave! I know I will definitely be back!”

It is always a pleasure to spend some quality face time with our teammates from around the world. We would like to thank both our Sydney and L.A. teams for all of their continued hard work, and we hope to see them again very soon.

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