DMS Culture Week

Across the last 18 months, as an agency, we have managed to stay together in such uncertain times. The world has tested our resilience, creativity, and ability to work collaboratively. Yet, even in such times, we have still managed to not only continue to deliver to our clients but actually go through significant growth in such challenging conditions and the past few months has seen us come back strongly and with confidence in our agency and in the industry.

In early October, we held our own Culture Week to reflect on who we are as an agency, which is built on four core values: trust, integrity, passion, and drive. These core aspects are at the heart of everything we do. Each value is found in the way we go about our jobs, interact with each other daily and, ultimately, in the way we grow and evolve together. Such values formed the basis of our brand new Culture Book too, which is now an essential part of our onboarding and was created specifically to reflect the essence of the week’s celebrations and the overall ethos of DMS.

The week saw the delivery of Wellness boxes for all our staff, even those based abroad in our offices in LA, Toronto and Sydney. Lunchtime talks were held at our offices to help guide staff on professional development and training, perks and benefits and mental wellbeing support that can all be found at DMS. The celebrations continued to our social channels as we celebrated our people – from our Academy Scheme graduates to senior members of staff.

Our culture is nothing without our people and an evening party and post-party breakfast were also arranged to not only welcome all our new staff to DMS but also to welcome everyone back to Shand Street in style.

DMS is a vibrant agency full of creative, passionate and driven people with different skills, different ideas and from different backgrounds who all have a love of the film industry and culture week enabled us to recognise and celebrate that.

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