DMS attended NetBase First Live European Conference

Recently our Head of Social Media Insights, Jackie Balchin and Head of Client Services, Courtney Jones, both took to the stage at the first NetBase Live European Conference.

Focussing on our latest projects, Jackie explained how Social Data can be used to identify audience groups, while Courtney spoke on a panel about the wider trends in social, what is needed for a successful agency/client relationship as well as what to consider when looking at social listening platforms.

We highlighted that it is rare that traditional and social data are looked at simultaneously, and yet they are not mutually exclusive. Marrying them up ensures that brands get the most accurate snapshot possible to assess their audiences, benchmark their brand and size-up their competitors. They can also be used to more accurately map out precise customer journeys as well as asses their true popularity both within and outside the realms of social platforms.

This holistic 360 data-driven picture can safeguard companies from threats, assess their market position and shape a brand’s future opportunities.

At DMS we are working towards breaking down these barriers and are already offering both social and traditional media reports to show the real reach of publicity and marketing campaigns.

If you want to find out more about these two services and their symbiotic relationship, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jackie Balchin – Head of Social Media insights (

Courtney Jones – Head of Client Services (

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