The brands and influencers lighting it up on social at the World Cup

While Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Russia and VAR have been grabbing the sporting headlines, the World Cup has been responsible for generating a vast amount of social buzz online as well. So we asked our Social Media Insights team here at DMS to monitor the online chatter being generated to find out who so far are this World Cup’s star performers off the pitch.

The team’s been tracking a range of categories online related to the World Cup, including most discussed player, which country has the most engaged online fans and what has been the most talked about game. In addition, we’re also looking at the huge ongoing commercial operations, specifically focussing on which brands are having the biggest impact in terms of their marketing campaigns, and who are the top influencers.

“Global events like the World Cup throw up incredible opportunities, not just for players or fans, but also brands and influencers,” said Anna Zaikina, Head of Social Media Insights at DMS. “With so much competition to have to stand out from, and the stakes being so high, it’s important to know what’s happening both on and off the pitch. Our social media listening service provides a deeper level of understanding of what is being said by a truly international audience that can help guide strategic and marketing decisions.”

Our supporting infographic shows the results to date. As we move in to the knock out stages, expect everyone to up their game over the final three weeks of action.

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25th June 2018

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