Our international media monitoring service fuelled by the HAWK platform evaluates impact, reach, effectiveness and sentiment across all offline and online media channels.

DMS is the largest provider of media monitoring services to the entertainment sector worldwide, supported by both UK and international teams. This service provision includes extensive monitoring and reporting across press, broadcast, online and social channels, as well as invaluable analysis and reporting.

Via the HAWK platform clients can access electronic summaries and real-time updates, video and audio playback of coverage and bespoke intuitive reporting features.

The team provides qualitative insights to help enhance and support media campaigns, enabling clients to understand effectiveness in real time. Territories covered on a daily basis include UK, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.




Hawk’s Social Media Listening services offer clients an opportunity to gain a deeper level of understanding on what is being said about their brand, product or service, providing access to a level of data that can help guide strategic and marketing decisions.

Our social media insight reports cut straight into the core of what your audience is saying – to know who is talking about you, how you are perceived, what instigates conversations and much more,:

– Identify your online influencers. We then help formulate a strategy on how best to leverage them to amplify your message

Sentiment. Knowing what sits behind the positive and negative can help adjust messaging, allow you to make strategic decisions and better guide your marketing and PR efforts

Affinities. An opportunity to discover what else your audience is interested in. This data can lead to creating better aligned partnerships or sponsorships to your audience’s likes.




We have the ability to run reports in real-time or retrospectively and offer standalone reports to dig deeper into the social sphere or integrated reports right across traditional and social media.

Whether that is a daily, weekly or monthly reporting, or even regular key highlight snapshots and real-time reports based on live campaigns, our aim is to give you the right amount of data and insight at the right time.

And by integrating our social reporting with our traditional coverage we can provide a truly holistic overview of what is being said across all media channels.


Contact: Robin McDonald +44(0)845 055 0979